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Family, Friends and Making Apple Cider!

making apple cider, love them tell themWhen the chill comes into the air in the fall, there is nothing better than a warm cup of homemade apple cider to warm you up.  Making apple cider in the fall  has always been a tradition with our family and friends for many years.  We use local drops and old fashioned cider presses and turn it into a great fall activity.  

Stephen Hughes heads the operation and an assortment of family and friends show up to turn totes of apples into gallons of cider at the MacGregor Homestead.   This week we even tried adding a little fresh cranberries to the mix for a different flavor.  There is usually the same assortment of helpers but every week might find a few new helpers added to the mix.  It’s a great time to chat as you work and catch up with everyone’s week.

The kids fade in and out helping and alternately playing and filling the jugs is usually a favorite job for them.

The gallons of cider are then taken home by everyone and shared with family and friends.  They can even be frozen for a treat later in the season and a few ambitious helpers have turned it into wine  or hard cider.  Cran-applesauce was also a new treat this year.

It’s a great tradition over the years and we look forward to it every year.  Although by the time the last apples have faded off the trees and the season is over, we are ready to call it quits too.  As the kids grow up, they come back from college with new friends to help out for a weekend or two, and give them the warmth of home again.   It really is a great tradition we hope to perpetuate for years to come.  I can’t imagine fall without it!

BOLD Moves Real Estate has quite a few BOLDIES helping out with the operation.  Visit for more local events and great ways to get into the house of your dreams.

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Back to School in the Tri-town.



tri-town, Love Them Tell ThemSeptember 1st was back to school in the tri-towns of Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett and also many of the other towns in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.  The day brought heat and humidity as well as a lot of moans and groans from students packing up their backpacks and heading to the bus.

This week promises more higher temperatures making the trek back to school more difficult for students and teachers alike.  The weather does hold some promise toward the end of the week and the weekend for more comfortable temperatures and less humidity.

Many parents are happy to get back into the routine of school and sports, as opposed to  the carefree days of summer.  Labor Day Weekend will be full of cookouts and barbecues to take advantage of the last days of summer.

The housing market has been busy all summer and now is a great time to buy or sell a home.  The temperatures are cooling off, people are back from vacation and ready to look for their dream house, and fall is a great time to showcase the great features of a house.  What house doesn’t look good with pumpkins on the porch and mums decorating the steps.

Take advantage of this great time to look for a great house or put your house on the market.  Visit for some great listings and agents.

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Back to School, bus schedules

Back to School Bus Schedules!




Back to School, bus schedulesMost of the area children will be heading back to school this coming week.  Refreshing air has changed the hot and humid summer temporarily but it does make it seem more fitting to be starting back to school.

Here is a list of local towns and bus schedules to check out. Click on the link to check out your town.

Old Rochester Regional District Schools:

Fairhaven Public Schools

Acushnet Public Schools

New Bedford Public Schools:

Dartmouth Public Schools:

Old Colony Voke:

New Bedford Voke:

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Adult Wharf Dance in Mattapoisett!

If you would answer yes to any of the following categories then this event is just for YOU:- Are you trying to relive your junior high glory days doing the cotton eyed joe and cha cha slide on the wharf?

– Are you a parent looking to have a fun night of dancing in the open air

away from your kids?

– Are you just looking for something GREAT to do on August 14th?

THEN JOIN US at the Mattapoisett Town Wharf for the one and only summer event you’ve all been waiting for:
Our 18+ adult wharf dance complete with music, dancing and fun.

SO parents, book your babysitters and grads, take a night off from the job search and boogie with us like it’s the 20th century.

Brought to you by the Mattapoisett Track Club


$10 tickets to be sold at local entities:
The Slip for more info.

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Feast of the Blessed Sacrament 2015!


Feast-goers of all ages are drawn by the wonderful aromas wafting through the air to our giant outdoor Carne de Espeto barbecue pit. Do it yourself!


Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

Madeira Field, 50 Madeira Ave New Bedford, MA 02746

101st Annual Celebration – July 30 – August 2, 2015


    The 2014 Feast of the Blessed changes history by adding hours.
For those who have stayed away from the annual Feast saying, “Oh,
it’s too crowded and noisy for me” . . . the Feast will now be open
on Friday afternoon from 12 Noon to 6 PM in additional to all other
hours. Feast committee members have dedicated even more time
to make sure all of the food and beverage outlets will be open and
serving the foods that make the Feast such a great success. With
Friday night feast goers still at work, parking will be easier, lines
will be short or none at all . . . and the live entertainment will reflect
a quieter atmosphere.


The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament commences Thursday with the assembly of the Festeiros (Feast Committee Members) at the intersection of Earle Street and Acushnet Avenue. Led by the Feast President, the Festeiros march in a special procession down Earle Street to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church which is located at the corner of Earle Street and Madeira Avenue. At the church, Father Daniel O. Reis celebrates a special Benediction to the Blessed Sacrament.

The sincere best wishes of the church are then bestowed upon the Festeiros and the Club Madeirense S. S. Sacramento, Inc. for hosting the Feast and for contributing to the well being of the entire community. The Festeiros also receive the church’s blessing and are reminded to pay homage to the Feast’s religious origins honoring the Blessed Sacrament. Following the Benediction, the Festeiros march to the memorial area at Madeira Field where they honor the original founders of the Feast and initiate the opening ceremonies. Since its beginning in 1915, this feast has celebrated the rich culture of the Portuguese people and in particular the heritage of the people of Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean.


Continuous live entertainment on three stages featuring top
name entertainment plus cabaret style music and Fado singers in
the quiet atmosphere of the Courtyard Café at the Museum of
Madeiran Heritage. Full entertainment schedule will be posted
soon on the website

Traditional Madeiran Portuguese dinner with numerous menu choices for full dinners in the main pavilion.  Cook-you-own barbecue beef (carne d’espeto), sweet malassadas (fried dough)plus linguica (sausage) and baccalau (codfish) sandwiches. Hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries.  Madeira wine imported in giant casks by special agreement with the Madeiran Government.

Kids day and half-price senior specials on Saturday afternoon- Saturday, Free admission to the Museum of Madeiran Heritage, 5K road race (cash prizes- entry form on website), largest and longest parade in New Bedford starting at Brooklawn Park, traditional folk dances, family oriented carnival midway, street vendors and much more!

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament will host its annual parade on Sunday, in the City of New Bedford. The parade will start at 3 p.m.
Over forty different organizations will march the one mile route
from Brooklawn Park to the Feast grounds at Madeira Field.

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Quick Closings

Beyond BOLD Media at the MAR Conference!

Kevin Thompson from Beyond BOLD Media was   interviewed at the MAR Conference and Tradeshow in October of 2014.  The Conference was held at the Sea Crest Hotel in Falmouth.   The Massachusetts Association of Realtors held their annual conference including workshops, classes, a  tradeshow as well as networking.  This video captures the highlights of the Conference and Tradeshow and features  Kevin Thompson talking about Beyond BOLD Media and the services they offer.

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making hay, love them tell them

The Art of Making Hay!

making hay, love them tell themThe Art of Making Hay.  We all know cows and horses and goats eat hay and you can buy bales of hay from your local farmer or feed store, but what is involved in making hay?  It’s a pretty arduous task from field to barn.

The whole process starts with cutting the hay.  Most use a tractor and a rotary mower.  Weather plays a big part in making hay.  You’re looking for three days in a row with no rain and hopefully sunny, warm weather.  The less humidity the better.  The goal is to dry the hay as quickly as possible.

After the hay is cut, the next step is to tedder the hay.  This process involves a tractor pulling an implement called a tedder which fluffs the hay and helps it to dry. There are different types of tedders but the idea is the same:  fluff and  toss the hay to get air through it so it dries faster.  A good time to tedder is around 10:30 AM after the dew has dried. Depending on the weather, you may need to tedder the hay a few times.

When the hay is feeling drier, it’s time to rake the hay into windrows.  This gets the hay off the ground to dry better and  gets it ready to be picked up by the baler.  The windrows are long rows of hay down the length of the field.

The tricky part is deciding if the hay is dry enough to bale.  Damp, waxy grass is not a good sign, too wet, it may need another day to dry.  The optimal situation is to tedder and rake the hay until it’s dry and bale it within 2 days.  If you wait too long, it may turn brown and not be as desirable. Baling wet hay can cause it to grow moldy  after  it’s stored.  It can also heat up and cause a fire in the barn.  Making sure the hay is dry is important.

The last step if the hay feels dry is to get out your tractor and baler and finish the job.  The baler basically picks up the hay squashes it together either into a square or round bale and wraps twine around it to keep it together.  The hay is then loaded on a truck to be stored in the barn or sold to hay customers.

There is first cutting hay which is cut and baled around June and is the grass which has grown all winter.  Usually if the weather cooperates, there is a second cutting in August or September.   This cutting is usually greener and a favorite for horses.  First cutting tends to be browner and coarser.  Some animals prefer first cutting and some second.  Second cutting is usually more expensive because it’s richer and there is usually less of it than first cutting.

Weather plays a huge part in making hay.  A hot, sunny, windy day is optimal for drying.  A sudden rain shower can ruin the hay.  Once it’s wet, it loses a lot of its nutrition and needs to be dried again.  Most of the time this hay will be sold as construction hay at a cheaper rate.

It’s a hot sweaty job, but in our family everyone helps and it can be a great family activity.

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Hay making, love them tell themhay making , love them tell them

Rochester Memorial School, Love Them Tell Them

Sixth Grade Activities at Rochester Memorial School!

Rochester Memorial School, Love Them Tell Them

Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA had their senior activities last week to send the 6th graders off to the Junior High next year in style.  

The last week of school included a trip to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday.  Each year the sixth graders and their families along with the sixth grade staff head to Martha’s Vineyard on the Woods Hole Ferry.  They spend the day on the beach, and spending time in Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven.  The Carousel is always a popular spot as well as the local ice cream parlors and souvenir shops.  It’s a great day for the students to spend with their family, teachers and fellow students.  Each year a t-shirt is designed for all the students to sign and wear for the outing.

Thursday night was the Sixth Grade dance.  The students have a chance to get dressed up, enjoy some good food and dance to music by DJ Danni Kleiman.  The cafeteria is decorated by the parents and staff and this year was “A Night to Remember’ theme giving the cafeteria a magical look.

The week ended with Graduation on Friday Morning as the Sixth Graders gathered with their families and teachers in the gym to reminisce about the year past and look forward to the year ahead.  Awards were given out and memories of each student shared by the teachers.  

It is a great tradition and a great way to send off the sixth graders to their new adventures in Junior High.

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Rochester Memorial School, Love Them Tell Us


Rochester Country Fair

Rochester Country Fair!


Rochester Country Fair The Rochester Country Fair will take place this year  from August 13 to August 16th on the newly-renovated  Fair Grounds located on Pine Street.  Each year a new theme is chosen.  The fair  this year will be centered around a “Prehistoric ” theme.

The Rochester Country Fair is a unique, country fair.  There will be many fun events such as Tractor Pulling, Woodsman Show, Pie Eating and Pie Bake Off, Dinosaur Dig Hunt, Pebbles and Bam Bam Contest, and the return of the Buana Iguana Reptile Show.  The Committee is also looking into a Highland Games Exhibition and a Lynyrd Skynrd Tribute Band.

The Country Fair is completely funded through local donations from residents and businesses alike. they also sell advertising in the Country Fair Booklet.

The Rochester Country Fair Committee includes: Dave Souza, Julie Koczera, Dianne Wood, Arthur Westgate, Chris Faustino, Duffy Clapp, Pat Lafleur, Slim Bernier and John Lafleur.

Mark it on your calendar for a great time!

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Pioneer Basement Visits BOLD Moves Real Estate!






BOLD Moves Real Estate


Pioneer Basement came to visit BOLD Moves Real Estate today during their weekly sales meeting.  Ken Daggett, Project Manager, explained the services that Pioneer Basement offers to homeowners, including those buying and selling a home.

Pioneer Basement has many solutions for all kinds of basement problems, including ground water control, moisture control, air quality, and maintenance to name a few.  They can help your home meet the criteria for a Healthy Basement Certificate and a Nationally Backed Warranty through Grate Products.  This Warranty is transferable to new owners when the house is sold.

The basement is an integral part of your house and a healthy basement environment benefits everyone and makes it possible to expand your living space or simply keeping the quality of the air in your house healthy for all the occupants.

This can also affect real estate sales.  A guaranteed healthy basement is a great reassurance for a buyer looking at a house and can help a seller when they are putting their house on the market.  A transferable Healthy Basement Certificate can add value to a house.

BOLDIES were happy to listen to the presentation by Ken Daggett to pass on to our clients.

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